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Consumable & Periodical Maintenance Requirement

Product Name Product No. Consumable Information Price (US$) Permorm By
Potassium carbonate (50 Lb.) HKC-50 Continuous use: 2.2 lb./15-18 hrs. 250.00 Client
Pre-filter (polypropylene) HFHG27 Recommended replacement:1,000 hr. 100.00 Client
Carbon Filter HYCC28 Recommended replacement:1,000 hr. 70.00 Client
RO Membrane HAK461 Recommended replacement:3,500 hr. 800.00 Distributor or Hi Tech Systems, Inc.
Ion exchange membrane HELC30 Recommended replacement:3,500 hr. 3,300.00 Hi Tech Systems, Inc.

Note 1) Periodical maintenance requirement is based on conditions of supply water to NCL Unit.
Recommended water supply condition: Silica; 30mg./l>, Conductivity; 200 μ S/cm>, Calcium; 30mg./l>, Iron 0.3 mg./l>

Note 2)

  • In exchange of electrolysis cell, Hi Tech Systems, Inc. will surely take over the old cell and use it for recycling.
  • Adjustment work required for replacement of RO element such as water volume and others.
  • Hi Tech Systems, Inc. maintenance service manpower and travel expense does not include in above part list.
  • Parts model number is subject to change without notice.

NCL Sludge Treatment Specification

Model: NCLUS 30-B / D
  • NCL sludge treatment is protected by international patent acquisition.
  • NCL sludge treatment was developed for the treatment of paint spray mist, Performance is demonstrated by effectively using NCL (non chemical liquid).
  • For sale of NCL sludge treatment, one unit "NCLR" which generates NCL (non chemical liquid) for each system.
  • The warranty period of NCLR is one year from the date of delivery. NCLR will be repaired by our company's responsibility during the warranty period. Regardless of the warranty period, consumables are to be paid separately.
  • NCLR (Strong Alkaline Electrolysis Water Generator) Outline: This equipment generates NCL (Non Chemical Liquid), D type (B type + equipped with hot water heater)
  • B type (RO pure water generation unit is standard equipment) (NCLR - 120 - 30 B) Capability: 30 liter / hour

General Specifications Raw Water: Water conforming to tap water (However, it conforms to the water quality standard of 1-2)
  1. Pressure: 0.3 MPa or more and 0.5 Mpa or less.
  2. Flow rate: secured at 3 liter/ minute or more.
  3. Ambient temperature: 20°C or more
    * If the water temperature falls below 10°C due to the influence of the installation environment or the like, the permeation resistance of the RO element (reverse osmosis membrane) will be amplified, the flow rate may be extremely reduced, It will not be possible. In that case, D type or countermeasure like heated hot water (option) is required.
  4. The quality of the raw water used is different for each place even though it is tap water.

Water quality inspection of raw water is necessary before introducing this equipment.

Standards within the following use conditions are recommended for raw water used in this equipment.

Item Silica. Electrical conductivity Calcium Iron
Unit mg/L μS/cm mg/L mg/L
Recommended conditions Less than 30 Less than 200 Less than 30 Less than 0.3

In case of water quality outside recommended conditions in the above table, replacing timing of pre-filter and RO element may be shortened. If it does not meet the above standard value, a pretreatment device such as a water softener is required outside.
  • Dimensions: 650 W × 600 L × 1400 H
  • Weight: ~100 Kg
  • Power source: Standard AC 200 V 3 P
  • Power consumption: 3 KW Installation environment
  • Temperature range: 20°C to 40°C
  • Main body color: Munsell 5R4 / 13 10YR9 / 2

Please install this device indoors. (It is not weatherproof) RO Pure Water Generating Unit (B Type) B type has an RO pure water generating unit built in.

Component parts:
  • Carbon filter: 10 inches (made of fibrous activated carbon), replacement time within 1,000 hours
  • Pre-filter: 10 inches (made of polypropylene), replacement time within 1,000 hours
  • RO Element: low pressure polyamide membrane, replacement time within 3,000 hours
    * It depends on water quality and water temperature.
  • RO cartridge warming tape heater:
    • Operating temperature: Operating at water temperature of 25°C or less
    • Power consumption: AC 100 V 40 W
    • Vane pump: AC 100 V 200 W, exchange time 4,000 hours
    • Estimated electrolysis cell NCL: pH 12 or more Generation amount: 500 ml / min
    • Production method: Electrolysis by ion exchange membrane
    • Life: 3,000 hours Ion exchange membrane in the electrolysis cell requires replacement after 3,000 hours. Replace the ion exchange membrane with the cell body and use it for the same work next time.

Replacement of wear and tear over time under warranty period is paid.

Potassium carbonate solution circulation device

  • Potassium circulation pump: AC 100 V 45 W
  • Estimated time to replace 4,000 hours
  • Electrolyte: 1 kg of potassium carbonate is charged every 15 to 18 hours.The device will send out its timing.
  • 2 NCLR control panel start switch: ON-OFF individual switch
  • Generation switch: NCLR generation ⇐⇒ pure water generation changeover switch
  • Alarm indication: Indicates abnormality by warning lamp and buzzer for each item
  • Operating status indication: LED color change panel on the whole surface
    • Green: NCL generation
    • Blue: pure water production
    • Red: abnormal alarm
    • White: storage tank full water standby operating time counter

Heated water unit (Built-in D type) Cold district specification model HWS 5020 (made by Hachiko Denki)

  • Rated power consumption: 2 kw
  • Liquid inflating thermostat: 30° C to 80° C

Storage tank (optional)

  • External dimensions: 1100 W × 910 L × 880 H
  • Capacity: 600 L With full water detection sensor
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Body color: Black

Storage tank frame (elevated type optional)

  • External dimensions: 1180 W × 910 L × 1891 H
  • Weight: about 50 kg

*The contents of the description may be changed without notice