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  • No chemical required for sludge deducting paint stickiness.

  • Not required to replace spray booth water.

  • Less sludge disposal cost with 30-50% less weight of sludge due to higher water cutting.

  • Maintenance reduced for spray booth eliminator section cleaning and exhaust fan.

  • No additional pump and piping compared with nominal sludge removal system.

  • Utility operation cost.

  • The installation is done in a weekend.


  • Treated sludge (plastic pigment) may be recycled by waste plastic recycle company. Contact with Waste Plastic recycle company.

NCL Fresh System
NCL Fresh System paint solidified

Paint mist is denatured, separated and solidified.

NCL Fresh System paint separation

Even without using coagulant, it is by NCL Metamorphic action actively acts, sufficient amount Separation has been done